Solar shading control system:
Colt Soltronic 3

Colt Soltronic 3 provides a versatile means of controlling shading louvres which either rotate or slide.

Features and Benefits

  • Evaluation of inputs from weather sensors
  • Pre-programmable positioning for when the louvres become iced up, and for storm or cleaning modes
  • Desired positions and parameters can be programmed for each group

SolTronic 3 is a micro-processor driven controller of moveable solar shading systems. Using sun tracking routines, the system calculates the position of the sun for any particular time or place and is programmed with data relating to the geometry of the louvre systems. It can use data from sensors to modify its routines. SolTronic provides exact positioning of solar shading louvres and folding or sliding shutter systems.

SolTronic controls local Motor Control Units which then have the task of moving the actuators attached to the louvres.

The Motor Control Units are supplied pre-wired in accordance with the number and configuration of the actuators for the specific project. Each local Motor Control Unit is connected with SolTronic by a bus cable system.

It is possible to connect up to 15 groups each with 15 actuators to the system (thus resulting in a total of 225 actuators).

A hand switch can be fitted to each actuator and each Motor Control Unit for individual control of the actuators.