Weather Louvre:
3UL Rain Defence Louvre

3UL weather louvres are roll-formed triple bank louvres designed for applications requiring ventilation with the maximum degree of rain defence.

Design, manufacture and configuration

Colt weather louvres can be uniquely configured to provide the solution to your needs. Software programs are freely available to assist with this. It’s easy to size a panel according to a maximum pressure drop, or to specify the appropriate louvre bank configuration based on a set flow rate and maximum pressure drop. Please contact Colt for assistance.

Louvres can be extruded or roll-formed; either mill finish, polyester powder painted, pre-coated or anodised; perforated or stucco embossed. Louvre panels can incorporate mitred corners, special shapes and louvre doors. Colt also has a range of turret unitsIf noise reduction is required, acoustic louvre panels may be used.

Features and benefits overview

Enhanced rain defence with high resistance to rain ingress. The unique design ensures that rain is collected and transferred effectively.

High aerodynamic efficiency – this reduces air resistance, allowing the plant and the aperture to be minimised thereby saving running costs.

Durable and maintenance free – UL is completely made from corrosion resistant materials.

Louvres are clipped and not riveted or screwed to structural supporting mullions - this allows for thermal expansion of the louvres

Proven performance - UL has been tested to EN 13030:2001.

Easy to install – UL can either be delivered to site pre-assembled or as a kit of parts.

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