Harefield Academy

Harefield AcademySeefire ventilators at Harefield AcademyRoof mounted Seefires for natural ventilationRoof mounted Seefires for natural ventilation 1

Project Details:

  • Location: Uxbridge
  • Client: Harefield Academy / Watford Football Club


Colt provided electronically operated Seefire natural ventilators to Harefield Academy.


The Dry Training Facility at the Harefield Academy is used partly by the Academy and partly by Watford Football Club as an internal football pitch.

Colt installed 32 Seefire roof ventilators, 16 at each end, to provide natural ventilation, connected to a Colt ICS 4-Link control system. This is linked to a wind sensor and temperature sensors, and allows fully automatic control of the internal temperature. The opening angle of the ventilator blades is adjusted according to the programmed set points.

The ICS 4-Link control system consisted of one local panel with a touchscreen graphical user interface, and one remote panel in the reception of the Academy showing the status of the ventilators.

A rain sensor was also installed and programmed to automatically close the vents on detection of rain in order to protect the internal environment.

Although primarily use is day to day ventilation, the ventilators are also linked to a fire signal and open in the event of a fire.

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