Pembroke Power Station:

Pembroke Power StationPembroke Power Station (1)

Project Details:

  • Location: Pembroke
  • End User: Alstom
  • Main Contractor: William Hare


To provide a smoke control, natural ventilation and attenuation scheme for a gas fired power station in Pembrokeshire.


Pembroke Power Station is the largest combined cycle plant in the UK producing 2,160MW of electricity a year. The power station runs at an impressive 60% thermal efficiency rate, one of the highest levels of efficiency in Europe for gas burning power stations.

Colt was commissioned to provide a ventilation package to the power station to provide means of discharging heat whilst also being available as a smoke control system in the case of emergency, creating a more comfortable and safer environment.

Colt supplied and installed Labyrinth natural ventilators on the roof of the plant and FCO vents into the walls of the buildings to help create an airflow through the buildings. Due to the boundary conditions, Colt also provided acoustic louvre and modules to reduce noise breakout from the power station.

Labyrinth is a natural louvred inlet and extract ventilator designed especially for industries which produce large quantities of heat. It has aerodynamically designed louvres which allow it to provide a source of continuous weatherproof ventilation.

The power station was recently audited by the British Safety Council (BSC) and scored 98.64% across 57 different parameters. As a result of this impressive rating, the project was awarded the BSC ‘Sword of Honour’ for EHS excellence, the highest award in the UK industry.

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