National Exhibition Centre

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Project Details:

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Architect: Seymour Harris
  • Main Contractor: Laing Midlands Limited
  • Services Consultant: Hully and Kirkwood


Colt supplied 1.2 kilometres of Cosmotron rooflights, WCO natural weathered ventilators, Seefire natural ventilators, and blackout blinds, all controlled by a Colt 'One Per Vent' system.


The specially developed system of horizontal blackout blinds are fully motorised and controlled from a central Colt control panel, with each blind measuring 3.5 m wide and up to 11 m long. Colt Single and Double Bank Universal Louvre provides screening, rain defence and ventilation for air conditioning plant.

Designed by Architects Seymour Harris, the Principal Contractor was Laing Midlands Limited, and the Building Services Consultants were Hully and Kirkwood. Colt had worked closely with the NEC and Laing in the 1990's to complete a similar installation on the NEC's 32,000 m² Hall 10 complex.

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