Jetstream Car Park Impulse Jet Fan Specification


Colt Jetstream Car Park Impulse Jet Fan – for controlling air movement in a car park or underground service area. Tested and certified to EN 12101-3.

High velocity powered car park induction ventilation unit, for directing exhaust fumes (in day to day mode) and smoke in a controlled manner towards the main extract positions of a car park or underground service area.

Comprising an axial fan with inlet and discharge attenuators with outlet diffusers enabling flush fit with the underside of the car park ceiling.


  • Type 315 - 315mm diameter fan (non-flanged)
  • Type 315F - 315mm diameter fan (flanged)
  • Type 400 - 400mm diameter fan (non-flanged)
  • Type 400F - 400mm diameter fan (flanged)
  • U Unidirectional
  • R Reversible

Performance / electrical characteristics


  • Single speed DOL motor suitable for inverter speed control, IP55 protection
  • Two speed tap wound motor (full and half speed), IP55 protection

Motors supplied as standard with a IP65 lockable fire rated isolator or optionally with a fitted IP55 terminal box.


  • Pre-galvanised sheet (standard)
  • Polyester powder coating to RAL 7035 light grey
  • Polyester powder coating to any other RAL colour

Fire performance

  • F300 - continuous operation for one hour at 300ºC

Sound emissions

CIBSE Guide Volume A: 1999, Environmental Design, sets out a recommended maximum noise level of NR55 in car parks. Colt car park systems can be designed to achieve these noise levels if required.


The complete unit, including isolator, is rated at 300°C for 60 minutes, Class F300 to EN 12101-3 (2002). Jetstream is fully CE marked.