Warm Air Heater:

Colt Convair WSG range of heaters are stand-alone units and are indirectly fired, giving on-the-spot heating, a high air flow rate and a high efficiency.

Features and Benefits

The Colt Convair WSG range of gas fired air heaters have heat outputs ranging from 11kW up to 100kW. The heaters are stand-alone units and are indirectly fired, giving on-the-spot heating, a high air flow rate and a high efficiency. The air heaters are suitable for use in many environments, from industrial and industrial buildings to department stores, showrooms, garages, sports centres etc.

Open Heater with Natural Draught Flue

WSG /SA -Axial Fan
WSG /SC -Centrifugal Fan

The Convair indirect-fired fully automatic gas warm-air heaters are particularly noted for their lightness, low noise output during operation and their short warm-up time.
Available with either axial or centrifugal fans, the standard heaters consist of a powder coated, corrosion-resistant sheet steel casing containing a stainless steel gas burner and a corrosion resistant heat exchanger.

Both SA and SC models are equipped with complete regulation and safety apparatus and have an integral draught diverter system. The combustion air is drawn in from the room in which the heaters are mounted.


Pilot light (with thermocouple safety device)

Optional Extras

  • Piezo ignition
  • Fully automatic electronic ignition with optional remote reset

Room Sealed Heater with Flue Booster

WSG /PA -Powered Flue with Axial Fan
WSG /PC -Powered Flue with Centrifugal Fan

These two versions are the most sophisticated models available and are suitable for virtually all applications, including areas with under or over pressure. They are fitted with a flue booster fan. The flue booster is suitable for use with both horizontal (through the wall)and vertical (through the roof)flues. The flue booster has sufficient power, depending on the size and capacity chosen, to overcome the resistance provided by 10 metres of straight inlet and outlet pipes, including roof/wall terminations.

Both PA and PC versions can be supplied with a complete horizontal or vertical flue.
As standard, these heaters are equipped with:

  • Complete regulation and safety apparatus
  • Electronic ignition
  • Ionisation safety device
  • Fault indicator lamp

Optional Extras

  • Remote Reset
  • LPG. Where natural gas is not available, LPG models can be supplied.

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