Single Bank Ventilation Louvres:
"E" Series Extruded Louvre

ERD is an extruded Single Bank Louvre System designed for applications requiring ventilation with a good degree of rain defence.

Performance specification

The louvre system achieves minimum performance coefficients (Cv) of 0.30 (inlet) and 0.29 (extract). These have been established as the result of full-scale wind tunnel tests.

The louvre system achieves the following weathering classification when tested against the EN 13030: 2001 standard (method of test for water rejection performance of louvres subjected to simulated rainfall):

  • Class A2 - up to 0m/s suction velocity
  • Class B2 - up to 1.5m/s suction velocity
  • Class C2 - up to 2.0m/s suction velocity
  • Class D2 - up to 3.5m/s suction velocity


These decorative finish options are available:

  • Mill Finish
  • Stoved Polyester Powder Paint
  • Anodised (aluminium)

The applied finishes can be supplied in two coverage levels:

  • Total (all principal components)
  • Partial (front louvres and frames only).

There are a large selection of optional accessories such as:

  • Mitred Corners
  • Blanking Panels
  • Special Shapes
  • Acoustic Modules
  • Guards (bird/ insect*/ security)
  • Doors
  • Turrets

* With Insect Mesh, the design should allow for additional resistance to airflow and reduced flow rate performance.

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