Elektrarna Power Station:
Ledvice, Czech Republic

Elekrarna Power StationInstalled Labyrinth ventilatorLabyrinth industrial ventilatorRoof mounted Labyrinth ventilators - Elekrarna

Project Details:

  • Location: Ledvice, Czech Republic
  • Architect: Škoda Praha Invest
  • Main Contractor: Metrostav
  • Client: Hochtief


Colt installed a ventilation package for the dispersion of heat in the Elekrarna Power Station.


The Elektrarna power plant is located in Western Bohemia and it supplies the electric power and heat for the households in its surrounding area.

Colt was commissioned to provide a ventilation package to the power station which would also provide means of discharging heat from the production process thus creating a more comfortable and safe environment within the power station for workers.

Colt’s solution to this was to install stainless steel Labyrinth rooftop ventilators to help disperse the heat from the production while also fitting FCO natural vents fitted with sound attenuators to keep the temperature at a comfortable level within the facility.

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