Energy efficient buildings:
How Colt can design ROI into your building

Energy efficient buildings

Minimise your energy bills

M&E consultants, facilities managers and building occupiers can rely on Colt to dramatically reduce the cost of running their building. At Colt we look at the building as a whole to unlock its potential for energy efficiency. Our integrated approach means that in our designs our systems work together to reduce the building’s cooling requirements with solar shading, harness the cooling properties of air, earth and water, and use the building envelope to generate energy.

With our tailor made solutions, your initial investment will pay you back very quickly as your energy bills shrink dramatically.

Maximise your productivity

Our designs rely on our broad expertise in natural ventilation, evaporative cooling, solar shading and smoke control to create a comfortable and safe environment for the people working in your building. Their health, wellbeing and productivity will greatly benefit from working in Colt conditions.

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