Delfzijl Waste to Energy Power Station:
Delfzijl, Holland

Roof mounted Seefire ventilatorsFCO natural ventilation units being used as explosion flapsNatural ventilation and silencers

Project Details:

  • Location: Delfzijl, Holland
  • Client: EON
  • Main Contractor: Heitkamp
  • Planning Engineer: PBW


Colt provided a solution for supplying and installing a natural ventilation and smoke control solution for the Delfzijl Waste to Energy facility within 8 weeks.


Delfzijl Waste to Energy Power Station was built in 2007 in collaboration with EON-Germany next to the North Sea, 50 metres away from the beach. As the facility was so close to the beach noise reduction was important in the solution for this project as well as the requirements for explosion flaps on the boiler room.

According to TRD 403 (Technical rules for steam boilers in Germany) 10 % of the ground surface area of the boiler house has to have explosion relief flaps installed to compensate in an emergency. Colt managed to meet this stipulation using hinged wall mounted FCO ventilators as explosion flaps while using EuroCo, Weatherlite and Meteor ventilators mounted on the roof for climate and smoke control. The natural ventilators also managed to allow a 14dB noise reduction.

For this project it took Colt only 8 weeks including a technical layout to provide a solution for the customer.

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