City of Westminster College

City of Westminster College

Project Details:

  • Location: London
  • Architect: Schmidt Hammer Larson
  • Main Contractor: McLaren Construction
  • Developer: City of Westminster Council


Colt supplied and installed a Polycarbonate vertical solar shading system to the new City of Westminster College.

Colt vertical polycarbonate aluminium framed fins are making a major contribution to energy efficiency and comfort at the new flagship City of Westminster College in central London. These high-performance fins filter out direct sunlight to minimize solar gain and glare on computer screens. They also admit generous amounts of natural light and are expected to significantly reduce building energy requirements, and maintenance and lifespan costs.

The fins themselves are made from materials which have been customised to provide the precise balance of light transmission and heat reduction, greatly enhancing the building’s energy efficiency while adding to the striking architectural impact of the building’s design.

City of Westminster College is a leading continuing education college offering over 200 vocational and academic courses to students. It is a distinctive, cantilevered building and it was designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen architects to minimize energy usage and carbon footprint. This sustainability strategy includes full-storey, vertical solar shading panels fabricated by Colt which flank the windows on the east and west façades.

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