Aghada Power Station:
Cork, Ireland

Industrial ventilation - Aghada Power StationLouvre installed at Aghada Power Station

Project Details:

  • Location: Cork, Ireland
  • Client: ESB
  • Main Contractor: Alstom
  • Consulting Engineer: Kirby Group


To provide louvre with volume control dampers, mechanical extract fans and natural vents at high level in order to vent the heat generated by a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine.


Colt manufactured supplied & installed triple bank louvre with attenuators using vertically mounted Seefire vents acting as volume control dampers. Also installed were Colt Liberator Mechanical Ventilators along with Colt Labyrinths which are all controlled with Colt Control Panels.

The triple bank universal louvre used offered exceptional weather performance over other types of louvre available in the market and this was very important to the customer given the exposed location of the site (on the water's edge off the south coast of Ireland).

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